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  1. "'You could say that LGB are the Next Big Thing to come ouf of Berlin, the timely projection of an embattled nexus - East versus West, the Real World versus the Art World, Purity versus Commodification, Literature versus the Visual Arts, Fiction versus Truth."

    - Art in America, June/July 2012


    The LGB Group is a group of artists I assisted in bringing back into the public realm and helped re-align within the history of art. The Readymades goes a way to telling how this process started, and indeed contains the definitive account of the group 'To Warmann'. 

    There is also a gallery connected with the group, Galerie Gojkovic, most recently located in Paris. More info


    In July 2012 The LGB Group will be discussed in David Zwirner Gallery, New York by John Holten and Aengus Woods in the exhibition 'People Who Work Here', curated by Ronson Projects


    Recent LGB Exhibitions:

    Oslo, August 20, 2011 Gallery 1857,  video installation Željko Radić and Peter Tomc  

    Berlin, September 28 - October 11, 2011 at Motto

    Brussels, November 1 - Decemeber 5, 2011 at Gallery D.O.R. 11, rue de Merode1060 Bruxelles

    Berlin, March 1 - 7, Altes Finanzamt

    New York, March 8-11 at The Armory Fair, Pier 92 & 94 Focus: Nordic Countries


    The Readymades is a provocative book that demonstrates how a story of the art world – The LGB Group – can show the paradoxes and conflicts of contemporary society in terms of the global and local. It develops an intertextual approach that shows the hybridity and heterogeneity of the contemporary: an allegorical game facing life, death and art. The Readymades shows the potentiality of contemporary relations between East and West – the First and Second Europe – through the outer and inner experience of his character Djordje Bojic. This is a unique book that represents the transition from micro to macro culture through human and artistic experience.

            ----Miško Šuvaković – Professor at the University of Arts Belgrade and author of The Clandestine Histories of The OHO Group


    The artwork of the group was realised by Darko Dragicevic