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'Instigated by the Irish writer John Holten and Norwegian journalist Line Madsen Simenstad in 2009, the first book Broken Dimanche Press published was a collection of essays, photographic art works, art theory, and political manifesto, entitled You Are Here, which collates work from European artists born in or around 1980. It was this compendium that gave Broken Dimanche its distinguishing quality: a European publisher exploring the depths of a collective European consciousness, and the assemblage of artists and writers who came of age in a Europe characterised by falling borders and ever-growing unity. This was the generation that grew up in the wake of the watershed event that was the fall of the Berlin wall, their art a kick in the balls to the wars of the 20th century, with their population displacements and mania over borders and avidity for ethnically homogenous nation states. Much of the literature that Broken Dimanche publishes takes its milieu in the vastly different Europe we now inhabit — one
of cultural relativism, social mobility and freedom of speech.’ - Link to article on BDP in Minor Literatures




Broken Dimanche Press is a European press interested in all aspects of books within the wider discourses of contemporary art and literature. We are committed to operating beyond and across national borders and language regions. Founded in Berlin in 2009, we are comprised of a gallery project space Büro BDP and a publishing house. We have published over 70 titles and organised many exhibitions and events.